Luxury wedding on Lake Como

I loved this wedding on Lake Como.

Ricky and Filippo are Americans, he works in Japan but they decided to celebrate their wedding on Lake Como, where he was born.

This wedding is a little different from what is expected from a luxury location on Lake Como, the elegant and smiling spouses
got married in the Municipality and then celebrated
together with the guests, arrived from all parts of the world, in a wonderful and historic restaurant overlooking the Como Lake, the Bellavista.

Filippo and Ricky are prepared in his ancient villa, in the middle of the greenery, very elegant and historic.

Ricky was very elegant and had a very special, unusual wedding dress, with a white turban on his head and a very simple make-up but a strong red lipstick.

The ceremony was very moving and after the hugs and greetings to the newlyweds the sunset reception was held in the historic Bellavista restaurant, with a breathtaking paronarama on Lake Como.

The newlyweds are toasted with friends and then they enjoyed a typical dinner based on lake fish.

I liked their wedding very much because they managed to create a very special atmosphere and by far to see the famous Lake Como from a different point of view to the guests. Everything was very elegant but not pompous.

An elegant but predictable wedding.

In the evening, after an enchanting sunset on the lake, the storm broke out and this is also a suggestive moment, luckily we were all sheltered.

I loved the sweetness of Ricky in the photos and the feeling of true affection that surrounded the spouses throughout the day.

This wedding reportage service on Lake Como was truly stimulating for me also from the photographic point of view, the light, the panorama and the spontaneity of the spouses certainly helped.