In wedding photography, what excites me most are emotions.

I have always thought that having a good wedding photographer means paying a person who knows how to capture the most significant moments with your beloved ones.

On the day of the wedding, in fact, regardless of whether it is celebrated in a church or as a civil wedding, it remains a very special day as you are surrounded by people who love each other and their relatives and friends, for this reason I believe it is a special occasion where you can take nice pictures with all of them. For a wedding photographer it is nice to think that when the spouses reopen the wedding album after 20 years, perhaps to show it to their children, they can remember that particular day through hugs and laughters.

For all these reasons I love, even in wedding photography, the reportage genre, and I like being able to offer a wedding story rather than a photo shoot similar to those in fashion magazines.

The details I love most about a marriage are hands holding each other, lips kissing, the smiles or the tears of children.

Having said that, I believe that the care for details is very important to create a nice atmosphere on the wedding day.

It is useless to deny that, even from a photographic point of view, beautiful elegant shoes, flowers with soft colors, candles on the tables make the difference.

It is not always a question of budget: I attended very simple but tasteful weddings and I enjoyed it very much. Regarding the details of a wedding, I think it is important to rely on competent people who know how to understand your personal taste but also give you good advices considering the location you have chosen for the wedding.

The various social networks, instagram in particular, today offer suggestions on all kinds on weddings but my advice is to try to make it as personal as possible.

My tips for wedding details: always think of the lights, when it gets dark it’s nice to create a warm but functional atmosphere for the photos from aperitif to dinner until the moment of the wedding cake, lighting is essential. Choose elegant shoes , not too uncomfortable but elegant, sometimes thinking about

comfort you choose very wrong shoes. The dress of the wedding is very personal but my suggestion is not to exaggerate with too rigid clothes that do not allow you to move at ease. For what concerns the tables at the party, I suggest the imperial table, long and narrow, rather than round tables: it’s a completely different thing!

Take inspiration from one of the many online magazines like Stylemypretty:

To sum up: on your wedding day you have to think about having fun but the details of the wedding will be that added value that will make that day unique for you and your guests …

Here are some details from some marriages in Liguria and Puglia (for which I thank “Fotogravina” who invited me to help him out for a wedding in a splendid Apulian farm).