Cieu and Harry

Hanry and Cieu are Americans from New York, but have decided to get married in Italy, on the Ligurian Riviera. Before the wonderful wedding in Santa Margherita, organized by the wedding planners of “Sposiamovi” among the most famous and talented in Italy,the newlyweds welcomed their guests the evening before the wedding, organizing a fairytale welcome dinner in the splendid setting of Portofino. There are many foreigners who choose Portofino and the Ligurian Riviera for their wedding. For the welcome dinner evening, a historic venue on the Riviera di Levante was chosen, the carillon, between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino. The carillon is one of the most exclusive bathrooms in the gulf, the air from a 60’s bathhouse and the breathtaking view over the whole Ligurian gulf of the east makes it a place perfect for weddings of foreigners in Italy who want to amaze and make a piece of our country known to friends and relatives. The bride Cieu, of Chinese origin, had a simple but very elegant white dress and Hanry was impeccable. Cieu’s sisters were dressed in long yellow-flowered dresses, perfect for a summer welcome dinner on the beach. The aperitif was served on the deck facing the sea, near the cabins, while dinner in the splendid sea view room. The friends of the spouses danced and dedicated some speeches to the future spouses until late in the evening, the day after the wedding in Santa Margherita a Ligure that you can find in the next post.