An Intimate wedding in Portofino, an inspiration elopement in Italy

Davide and Ludovica were to get married this year in August, but like many couples, because of Covid, had to postpone the wedding until 2021.

However, the desire remained to dedicate a special day in which to celebrate their union in a symbolic way and for this reason they thought of an intimate wedding, an elopement, only between themself, in one of the most beautiful location in Liguria: Portofino.

To organize this symbolic and particular wedding the future spouses called their wedding suppliers, the talented Simona Rescalli of Fiordecò, the wedding planner Carmen Piscina of Italiansmartwedding, cecilia Vignolo of the wedding dress shop Maria Paola Conte and the MUA Anna Nassie Olivieri together with the hairdresser Giovanna Molinaro. Photos are essential to capture this wonderful day full of beauty and surprises, and they called me, the official their wedding’s photographer.

The bride and groom have chosen a magical place to celebrate this intimate symbolic ceremony, a meadow in the middle of olive trees with a breathtaking view of the small village of Portofino.

Here the wedding planar and the florist made them find a truly unique setting: a pic nic wedding. The style of the wedding was basically gipsy: starting from the bride’s dress, long and comfortable with sequins fringes on the sleeves in the very country setting. Initially Davide and Ludovica found themselves on the lawn for a sunset ceremony with a sea view, in which they exchanged two original gold rings with a small leaf taken from the goldsmith laboratory specializing in wedding rings and well known abroad “my golden age ” based in Genoa.

Before the exchange of the rings in this enchanting place, the two spouses exchanged promises, written just before in a notebook.

After a long hug the two newlyweds enjoyed a wonderful little sic on the lawn surrounded by pink poppies and other colorful flowers and where they ate local products such as the famous Genoese focaccia and fresh Niasca Portofino’s lemonade.

The italiansmartwedding wedding planner thought that it would be important to highlight the beauties and products of Liguria, a unique and splendid region, full of enchanting seaside villages and fishing villages and some of the most beautiful places in the world, but still little known as a place to get married in.

Towards evening, before leaving, the two spouses concluded this intimate wedding by going away with a wonderful period of “my Limousine and classic car” with which they first went for a ride in the famous square of Portofino.