Lama and George are a beautiful Lebanese couple who decided to get married in Italy, in Genoa. Lebanese weddings are usually very elegant and sumptuous. They decided to celebrate their wedding in an easy way with a few guests who took advantage of the wedding to visit Italy. The bride and groom stayed in the historic Savoia hotel, near Genova Principe station, a splendid hotel full of art, mirrors, and very elegant rooms. The groom was very elegant with a blue suit and a bow tie instead of a tie and so did his witness and brother. The Bride was lovely, she wore the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen, created by a Lebanese tailor, and she had perfect wedding makeup for which he brought a Russian markup artis from Rome. It is nice to have foreign weddings in Italy because it is an opportunity to get to know new cultures. I have discovered many things about Lebanese weddings for example that the Lebanese are very beautiful, and then they have a lot of taste. All the guests were very elegant with colorful and very particular clothes, flowers they were soft colors. The wedding dinner took place on the top floor of the Hotel Savoia, amazing wedding location, from which you can enjoy a very suggestive panorama over the whole city of Genoa. I would like to go to Lebanon to take a wedding there, I met some wonderful and very kind people and their culture is very fascinating. George and Lama left Genoa the next day for a Costa Crociere Mediterranean cruise.